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We would have to quantify airframe type, drag-big inlets or small since this is a big factor on drag. Big wing area so it flies on the wing, or big lift area like the F15, but big drag, so power is helpful.
Bigger turbines use less will hardly use full power and if you do it will be for a very short time. Smaller turbines need full power longer, so less fuel can be carried with more power...Xcalibur with a P-60 around 7 mins, Xcalibur with a P-100 8 mins. Joker with a P-60 around 6.5 mins, Joker with a P-100 7.5 mins.
I fly my P-120SX powered CARF Hawk 12 mins with a std tank, because I fly it scale, it just about never had full power, especially take off.
Mig 15...low drag airframe, my P-100 Global Jetclub Mig 15 flew for 10 mins, because full power was not needed.
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