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Originally Posted by gunradd View Post

Dave I see your point as well but the thing is with more power means more fuel and allot more weight. This means more speed and the scores suffer.

My my first year having a very under powered aircraft at top gun I won my class. Before with jets with good power best I could do is 12th.

My F15 weighed 75lbs full of fuel and had only 45lbs of power. It flew very scale like. The results speak for themselves. Also like I said Peter Goldsmith has been Mrtopgun several times and all with underpowered aircraft.


Is there a vid of this beast flying your routine?

i do agree on the overpowered, other than more vertical with scale Jets what is the gain?

Top speed is no where near proportional to thrust even with a sport jet.

I used to do USAC competitions and there was a point of diminished returns, same here ... Fluid Dynamics no doubt rhymes if not repeats.

66:1 is minimum

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