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i do agree on the overpowered, other than more vertical with scale Jets what is the gain?

Top speed is no where near proportional to thrust even with a sport jet.


Its not proportional on any jet !
So just for fun during coffee time :

Drag,and therefore required thrust, varies as the SQUARE of the speed ( IAS). D = cd x 1/2 rho V 2)

So, doubling thrust gives a 1.4 increase in speed . ( 1.4 x 1.4 = 2)

To double speed needs a 4 x thrust increase. ( 2 squared = 4 ) .

Exhaust velocity can have a significant, beneficial, effect on any jet where high speed is sought, as the higher the exhaust velocity the slower the thrust decay with speed. That is before ram rise intake recovery begins which can further improve matters !

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