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Boy, you could have done without the extra work on the EDF ESC for sure, but you got it done. I have been there fighting to keep a plane up in the air for the same reasons and I ďthinkĒ should 8 bring her in and make some trim adjustments or do it while flying. I have done it both ways or in fact yelled at Phil to walk over and give some trim, thatís nice to have a knowledgeable sidekick standing next to you. You prevailed and I am glad it all worked out for you. I ďassumeĒ you corrected the trims once you got her flying right down on the ground so you could zero out your sub trims?

Balancing and EDF, hummm....I have. Or looked that up but I would look at the motor shaft first, then inspect the fan itself. It there were no crack or obvious issues the next thing I would do would be to roll it on the kitchen counter and see if it had any out of roundness or weight issues. In either case in my opinion not substantiated, I would imagine if it was out of round or had a flat place in the plastic that it would roll across the sink like an old car tire with a flat spot going bump hump hump. Lastly if there was a way I could put an axle through it and put it on a blade balancer and see what it does. Iím sure youíve got it all figured out, that was my unsolicited opinion LOL of what I would do. Yes I hear you well on the expo which I had to put into my P 51 because I was jerking twitching to use your terminology just like you were.

On the wings are use for just dance in missing small pieces lightweight spackle. Itís a real foamy in the area almost like lemon meringue. And it has no real weight and once it dries in a few minutes itís firm and Iíve used it on airplane wings from hitting twigs or having rough landing losing the wingtips. Of course if you have broken areas then you need to do the epoxy. BTW I have the same stunt with a TREX 500 into the light pole TWICE at the City back in the day.

Wow, $98.00 for the Panther Iíd a deal! Love the bright colors too, good luck with her!!!

Now I know why everything on my walls was vibrating the other night, it was the Dinosaurs !

Star Wars......oh yea baby.

Me, I finished my charging station with the exception of the plexi or marine plastic. I got the new 120v intake receptical rated for 20 amps and a 15 amp 120v toggle so as to turn off the box without having to unplug it.

I have had some surgery so I am kinda restricted to hanging out at home for another two weeks. But I am hoping to sneak shoooosh over the plastics store the first of next week to replace the plywood charger deck.
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