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Vortex 3D models

The purpose of these files is to have a digital mock-up of the complete model and a general view of the sub-assemblies before building them. It should help to visually identify the parts and their position on the model, although it's not possible to identify them by the codes engraved on the parts.

To open these files you will need to install a free 3D visualization software named eDrawings. It is an official visualization program from Dassault Systemes, so there is no risk in installing it either on your computer or phone/ tablet. You can download it following the link below; all you need is the basic eDrawings viewer, nothing else:

When you open the files in eDrawings, i would recommend enabling the perspective view, especially when looking at the complete plane (see image 1). You can rotate the model by keeping the middle mouse button pressed and moving the mouse around. In combination with the Ctrl and Shift keys, you can also pan and zoom as you wish.

As shown in image 2, if you right-click any part you can hide it or make it transparent (for example you can choose to hide the fuselage or wing balsa covering to reveal the internal structure). It's also possible to display the edges and outlines (image 3) to see some separation lines between parts that would be invisible otherwise.

The floor shadow can be disabled by going to Tools > Options> uncheck "Display shadows" box. eDrawings is very easy to understand so you will learn very quickly to measure distances or make section views.

In general all yellow parts are made of balsa and the light brown parts are either liteply or regular plywood. Some parts have black faces on top and bottom, which means they are carbon laminated or made of carbon-balsa sandwich. This will be described in detail later in the assembly manual.

If you look at the fuselage assembly (files named "fuselage frontmounted/ backmounted"), you will see many cross-members in the canopy area, which would normally make the access to the batteries or radio equipment very difficult. But most of these only have a technological role and their central part will be cut off after the fuselage balsa covering is added. The 3D model of the complete plane (files named "Vortex frontmounted/ backmounted") should give you an idea which cross-members will be cut and which will stay in place.

Download links

Vortex BF (Blended fin) 3D files:
Vortex SF (Simplified fin) 3D files:

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