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July 6, Celina, Ohio general flyin by Celina flying sportmen.
miles: 102
A nice 600' grass runway but my flying was 'short lived'!

I got there and opened the trailer and the TF F4U fell off the shelf, hanging by a bungee cord and broke the tip of the left elevator.
Next, my TF kit Hellcat gets a dead stick just after taking off.

Needing to get these fixed before Wednesday for the Goshen, Indiana flyin, I left after 'packing up'.

TF Hellcat.
The plane glided about 400' away in a farmers field. Fortunately, gear up and able to land on it's belly.
The glued on belly pan was broken from the wing and the bottom was beat up.

Used thin and thick CA to get all the small cracks but had to cut away the large area and put new stringers and sheeting on the belly pan.

The bottom of the fuse behind the wing was also damaged. I cut away the FG which surprised me as it came off easily. The builder must use a water base versus Zap finishing resin!

After pushing all the balsa sheeting into a relatively flat surface, I soaked the sheeting with thin CA.

Two ounce glassing and finishing resin used.
Can't see but about 5 pieces of FG cloth applied over weak areas.
Once dry, some easy sand will be used to smooth out the surface.

One piece of FG on the bottom of the fuse.

A thin sheeting on the fire wall was, also, replaced.

Hanger rash to the TF Corsair.
The left elevator got damaged.

Cut away the monocote and applied some 1/16" think balsa sheeting perpendicular to the elevator sheeting to the inside damaged area and used some 1/64" thick ply to secure the outer damaged area.

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