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Hello Again Mark,

Glad to hear the the maiden came off well for your new F-16 and that it was a huge success. I see you took your time which really paid off for you and the little guy getting his own jet :-) That's great to read that the scale is really there for you, that's what we all want when we fly, to feel that we are in the cockpit, right? Sure sounds like she handle nicely too, slow passes again...... the being in the cockpit.
The poly acrylic, man that was gutsy to spray ( I assume ) that on the plane and hope the foam didn't go nuts and that the decals did not all curl up YIKES! But clearly you did your homework and it is a real plus for you to use the product. I mean, it clearly makes sense that is a plus in both ways you mentioned. Kudos on moving some of the cowling to let the all important ESC breath mo-bet-tah. Once again your photo really showcases off the plane, sweet and congrats now on multiple flights!!!!!

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