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Originally Posted by tmac48 View Post
Howie, I might just jump in with my experience if that's ok. I installed my pump because I was having trouble with the first start of the day, however in the process of installing the pump I realized I had the tank below the level of the carby, I installed the pump after repositioning the tank simply because I did not want to go to the trouble of opening up my fuselage again!!!. I really do think that if the tank was higher than the carb in the first place then the pump would not have been necessary. I have left the original pump installed and keep an eye on the line for any grease that may block it but as yet have not seen any sign of obstruction at all!
Hi Macka
Tank height "shouldn't" make any difference.
You started out with a brand new engine that would of got easier to start and better running after it had some time on it maybe??
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