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Comparing old verses new yes there are things to look out for.
The new gear I dealt with on the Hellcat was bound up at the scissor linkage pretty bad. I went through everything including the cylinder. I tweaked the linkages to free them up meaning I pinched the inner one tighter and checked the fit. The cylinders didn’t have very much lube so I cleaned out what was there and added 3000wt silicone oil used in RC buggy differentials. They screw apart like a cap on a cylinder, no tool required.
After all that the gear cycles with very little pressure, 10psi down and 25psi up. So far has worked perfectly. I added air restrictors to both up/down air lines, works great. I have the same on the Corsair.

For the axle you can use the stock axle with the cap. Put that on the wheel face side and pass it through the gear leg with a spacer. Then cut it to length on the back of the leg and grind a flat for the set screw.

The old gear required none of the above and has worked flawlessly for 10 years. I just add a few drops of silicone oil in the air lines from time to time, that’s it!
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