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Here's this morning's clue, which fits the P-39 perfectly, but that's not the airplane I'm looking for. Not the MiG-17, either. (The next clue will make it sound like the P-51, but we know it isn't that.)

Looking for the name of a warbird.

1. Thousands built.

2. Flown by many countries.

3. Designed and the first prototype completed in less than a year.

4. It was not a modification of an earlier airplane, but its wing and at least part of its tail feathers had been used on earlier designs. Only the fuselage was entirely new.

5. Tricycle landing gear.

6. Mainly because of its wing design, it was somewhat faster and had a longer range than other similar aircraft of its time.

7. Shortcomings included a lower ceiling and some handling difficulties compared with similar contemporaries.

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