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Here is where the next problem started. While trying to put the wheel back on the right strut I found out it would not fit back on the strut. There is a tongue and groove set up between the strut and brake assembly to keep the brake disc from rotating. The strut tongue would not go into the groove on the brake assembly.

Right side had a big gap at the base of the groove. The tongue would not even enter the groove and was just sitting on top of the brake assembly

Left side seated properly in the groove. I had never seen it before but It came to me that way.

Here is an expanded photo of the gear after I unpacked them last summer. This photo was taken on 8/28/2018 and was taken on the layout posted in post #4 of the build thread. The right gear is on the left in the photo and you can see the gap there.

So I started slowly working the brake assembly with a perma grit square file.

After about 30 min I got it to fit. Now it is seated properly like the left gear below.

Left gear seated properly. And I was so happy that I had fixed another problem on the F-105 build. Well, not so fast...

Fixing the gear problem reduced the clearance to nil between the Mrpm sensor and the magnets. So the saga continues...

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