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Well I whined to Dave and he had the solution immediately. Not only is he really smart, he's quick!

Here is the first sensor plate. It was designed for all the "extra" clearance on the right gear that I took out when I fixed the problem. It was 5.5mm thick.

Here is Dave's Version 2 mounting plate. It's 14 x 20 mm, smaller than the first and designed to fit sideways on the strut to have the wire come out to the rear not the top. It is only 4.3mm thick including the sensor. It has an extra slot to assist in removal of the sensor if needed. The sensor is attached with Goop or similar soft glue.

Here is my mock up of the new plate mounting. You can see the traces of the old position.

I mocked up a blue tape test mounting for testing. It is 4.5mm thick.

Mock up in position. The line under the balsa base is the magnet location on the wheel.

Taped on ready for testing

At least 1mm clearance now.
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