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Congratulations Allmode's on the successful maiden of your Senior. Not only are they wonderful keepers but for this reason do retain their value regardless, in the kit box, completed airplane or an Arf makes no difference. Arguably The Seniors (and most variations) are the most successful trainers in the history of remotely controlled model flight. Also arguably the most kit bashed into about every conceivable configuration possible. I just received a commission for two of my turbine JetCadets. My fervent hope is Sig continues with the Kits just a bit longer as that is the starting point I prefer when bashing a Senior.

With any three control or for that matter even a rudder only airplane using a two stick Tx it makes no diff which side you put the rudder on. Use the side you feel the most comfortable with. I still fly some oldtimers that I do use a programable mix to use both sticks, thereby giving you a choice. Now by doing this a little trick is by giving one side more rudder throw than the other you now have dual rates without the need to hit a switch. Can,t help with the 6102 but suspect it may have the pre programed mix of aileron to rudder which will give you the ability to use both sticks.

Can't help with the exhaust gasket as I just never use them but perhaps using some sort of "formagasket" from the auto store would do?
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