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Meanwhile, back at the workbench I got some work done on the nose gear door servos

Dry fitting the servo inline with the middle nose gear door hinge

I wanted it to be below the bottom of the cockpit tub cut out on the former so as not to interfere with anything later

I used the corner of the servo in the middle of the former hole precision line up method...

It looked good to me so how to make a mount with that curve on it?

I remembered my pink foam pattern for the former, curve close enough!

Traced former on file folder

I used a metal servo mount for a pattern

Final pattern after a little tracing and erasing

Pattern cut out and dry fit... looked good to me. The rest of the file folder became epoxy mixing cards!

I thought the F-105 was big...till I put the Havoc next to it! This bigger stuff has reached my limit! I need a crew chief to help move them around!
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