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Nose gear steering servo and linkage.

I finally mounted a servo in the NG using rubber grommets and added a ball joint to the 4-40 tiller bolt that was in the steering spindle

Next I found a heavy duty plastic arm with 25T spline in the spare parts drawer. I added a ball joint on a stack 4-40 nuts to raise the ball joint close to the level with the tiller arm. This did not look very good but its all I had to work with now.

There is a very short distance between the servo arm and the tiller bolt. I had to mark the ball joint sleeves to cut.

I had about 6mm depth of threads after cutting. The second mark was the original depth of the ball joint sleeve before cutting

I cut a 4-40 threaded rod to 10mm and screwed the ball joint sleeves together

The final assembly was not very good. The biggest problem was flexing of the rubber grommets. The plastic arm also flexed. Add that to the built in flex of the servo mounting plate and the long spindle that the tiller is mounted in and the whole thing was a mess.

Servo tester was used to test the whole thing and it did not work very well.

I removed the rubber grommets and got rid of most of the slop in the linkage system

Tested left

And right

This is the long steering spindle that the tiller is mounted to and it also flexes when moved. I ordered some heavy duty metal 25T servo arms and hopefully that will stiffen up the whole system. More to come here...
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