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Well I said several times that I can use all the help I can get. So I got to shop this morning and saw Tim's post about mounting the servo on the other side of the bracket. Well, yesterday I tried several times to get it in on the other side and could not get it to fit in because of the spindle blocking the path into the mounting bracket. This morning because of Tim's comment I thougtht...wonder if I can take it apart and fit it in that way. So I picked the nose gear up this morning and turned it over and immediately felt like an idiot. All it took was removing 2 screws and off it came. I had just never thought of removing the mounting bracket yesterday and never look to see if it was possible. Duhh... Also I had seen pictures of how 2 other guys had done it and both mounted the servo on the bottom like i did before. I set the mental pre-conditons in my mind and never thought outside the box it put me in. So great to have other people looking it stuff and seeing better ways to do it. Thanks Tim.

So in about 30 min. I I had it back together working much better than before. I was able to remove 2 nuts off the stack and that made the linkage much stiffer.

I flipped the gear over and it was easy to get to the mounting bracket screws.

Just 2 screws and off came the servo mounting bracket.

Servo mounted on top of bracket and 2 nuts came off the ball joint bolt

The linkage is much stiffer now and with a metal arm will be better.

And then this evening I saw the post by Auburn02. An even better idea! I now plan to use a pull pull ball joint setup on a metal dual servo horn. That should talk most of the movement out of the spindle and eliminate almost all the slop in the linkage. Thanks, Auburn02, another great idea. Now to order a dual servo arm.

Thanks, Gary

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