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Originally Posted by rllpilot View Post
I have a dynatron starter that has worked in the past but today when I tried to use it there was no results. I have it set up as a 24v series unit. When I reattached the starter to one batt. it turned over ok. I checked both Batt. All ok. but when I put the batt. in series and hook up the starter it will not work. Is there something I'm not considering? I was hoping to have it ready for Tomorrow but it doesn't look like it will happen. Your thoughts are appreciated. Needless to day, I've also ordered a new unit.
I know this sounds simplistic , but , since you said when hooked up to one battery it works , I gotta ask ; Are you 101 % certain the batteries are hooked up in series properly ? As in , the + of one battery is hooked up to the - of the other , leaving you with one + and one - on each battery to hook the starter to ?

I have no other guesses to resolve the situation you describe .....
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