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Default 50-70 Size Pattern

Recently crashed my Sebart Angel 50E, had it since around 2006!
So now I'm looking for a replacement around the same size.
I fly the sportsman IMAC routine. I don't compete, just for fun.
So the models I've been looking at: Sebart Mytho 50E, NTS Super Ascent 70, Super Fantasista 70.
Would like to try something different (lots of Sebarts in the family over the last 14yrs). How do these compare with each other?
I've come up with the cubic wing loading, Mytho is the lowest (11) and the Ascent is the highest (14!). The Ascent seems like you would have to fly it really fast to keep from stalling! The Angel is a measly 10 (was a real floater).

If anyone has opinions on any of these or has flown 2 or 3 of these I'd like to hear it!
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