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Originally Posted by wfield0455 View Post

In Default mode both transmitter 2.4Ghz RF sections talk to the receiver alternately and as I recall in double path mode each transmitter 2.4Ghz RF section talks to the Primary and Secondary receivers. In dual double mode, both the Primary and secondary receivers support telemetry telemetry. The 900Mhz is a backup receiver and never even fully activates until BOTH 2.4Ghz (if there are 2) have failed. I'm assuming Danny's recommendation for the REX12 is the longer antenna leads and the different antennas. I'm not 100% certain that they really work any better but I can't say they don't either. The longer leads certainly allow better separation of the antennas which should make it easier to avoid having both antennas shadowed by an object in the aircraft. As for Danny's recommendation to connect the 900Mhz directly to the Rx2 of the CB200 I'm not sure he wasn't recommending that before the CB200 had been updated to allow 2, 2.4Ghz receivers AND an R900Mhz. As I said, I'm not all that big a fan of dual receivers anymore so I certainly wouldn't be concerned about a single 2.4 I'hz RX and a single 900Mhz (I don't use 900Mhz either myself as I have no issues at all with 2.4Ghz). Still, since a Cortex PRo was involved I'm not sure why he didn't suggest connecting the R900 directly to the REX12 and then only the Cortex pro to the CB200. Now that the REX receivers allow a second receiver to be connected via Ex Bus I'm not sure why he didn't suggest connecting the R900 direct to the REX12 or even the Cortex Pro so that you would still get stabilization should the system fail over to 900Mhz. Still since I don't use the Cortex Pro I may be missing something obvious and Danny is the expert with the Cortex devices so I'd follow his recommendations,..
Thanks or taking the time with your explanation and comments! It's interesting that we are so concerned with multiple rx options when in reality, the primary rx's are so good/reliable that we'll probably never experience a condition requiring backup. Think of all the years we flew successfully with just a single rx/antenna and thought nothing of it. Nevertheless, it's nice to know we have some sort of redundancy in the unlikely event of an equipment failure or unusual RF environment, particularly with the 900mhz.
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