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Originally Posted by Edgar Perez View Post
With the expense involved in our models, my preference is to have multiple receivers. The risk you mitigate depends on factors that include how "clean" from a 2.4Ghz your field is, the location of your antennas in your install, etc

The deficiencies on taking advantage of the dual (or more) receivers mentioned above are not because there are more than 1 Rx, but rather the way the selection of signals is implemented in the Jeti systems. where there are multiple Rx.
Other equipment's will receive the signals from multiple Jeti receivers and select on "frame by frame" basis a valid signal. Using that approach, you can then receiver the full value of having multiple Rx's.
While it's true that other devices such as the XPS24 and I believe Power Box will look at multiple receivers on a frame by frame basis we were discussing an REX12 with a clone. Unless there is a firmware update that I'm not aware of (very possible) devices such as the Cortex Pro duplicated the way Jeti looked at dual receivers and not on a frame by frame basis. Also I never said multiple receivers caused a problem, only that the Jeti implementation does a very marginal job of providing the antenna diversity that multiple receivers should provide. I never told anyone not to use them, I simply explained how they work and the short comings. It's a personal choice and as long as someone understands what they are getting then great, they should add whatever they want to their models..

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