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I took advantage of the rain to be in my workshop, which thankfully has dried out. Had to make a couple corrections to W1 and W2 for the Liberty Sport, and then inventoried the parts, found I am short a 1/4 x 1/2" stick for the spar. I do have 1/4" stock to make it from though, so will do that for the center section. While I had the laser powered up, I made some gussets for the wing out of 1/8" balsa, took all of 5 minutes to program the cuts, and burn them. Then I tried a grayscale engraving on Alder. It kinda sorta looked like what I was going for, but lacks enough detail to be worth it. Still have some work to do to get it close to what I would like. Might work out better doing a reverse image on Lexan.

Of course now all I can smell is burnt wood, apparently the seam on the blower leaks, so not all the smoke gets pulled out, so I sealed it with metal duct tape.
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