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Yes the cockpits are of poor quality and the pilots are too small "scale". possibly to keep the weight down. I had to modify the tubs quite a bit to fit it all inside.
The nose gear is extended too high, look at pictures of the original, it is more "kneeling" as the supplied one does, thereby lowering the nose as You can see in ramp pictures.
The result is You need to flare the beast well, when still in the beginning I did not, and it started to bounce resulting in some damage. (Concrete RWY). Part of the problem was I had the CG too far in front, since is corrected, in stages, and now it flares like a *****.
Keep the intake tubes as is, they function well, don't need to reach the front of the engine.
However make a test you have the engine at the right place in FRONT of the thrust tube, the difference in thrust can be enormous. You need to measure the thrust with the engine in a few spots.
Which JetCat engine You have, P160, 180?
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