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Well 15 hours total for a new roof. This crew worked like a well oiled machine. All rotted wood replaced with new. Have to put up a new antenna pole as my old one was too rusted. Three section pole but would not fully collapse. I had to just drop it at about a 20 extension.

acdii I feel your pain with water in the workshop. Nothing worse than water intrusion into house or workshop. Hope it stays dry.

Telemaster that is a nice build on the Big Guff. I like stick built frames. I was given some balsa. One box was assorted size sticks. Lots of wood for stick built models. Which one to build?

Since I moved my model into the house to try to finish the covering, I found that my routine was all wrong. In the past I would go out and work then see if I had the energy to build. Often I would set it aside for another day; just too tired. Now my routine is work on the model building in the morning before going out and getting tired. Works better for me. I have model just about covered. Will post a picture when finished.

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