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I have a new Wineguard to install so we can get OTR since Directv was cancelled. We either have something to do in the evening, or it is raining. SMH. My workshop is finally dry enough to work in, had a little dribble come in from the storms on Saturday, but vacuumed it up. Did some more work with the laser too. I started building the center section for the top Liberty Sport wing and found that W1 and W2 were wrong and had to redo them. I had some scrap 3/32 laying around so didn't have to waste a full sheet for the 7 ribs. I also made some gussets from 1/8" stock for the wing. Having the laser sure is coming in handy, and the software is getting easier to use. There are wing fairings made from 1/32 plywood that I cut using the laser, and those are now installed and used balsa filler to make the fillets. Once that is dry and sanded to shape I will harden it with CA. Almost to the point where I can final sand to shape the fuse and get the covering started.

I also tried doing some grayscale engraving, this will take some time to perfect, have to get the speed and power settings just right, and it varies depending on the wood. I may work on reducing power to the minimum, keeping up the speed and doing multiple passes on the next round, AFTER I clean the focal lens. Dumb me forgot to turn the blower and compressor on and hit the laser on, smoked the hell out of the thing, which means there is now residue on the lens.
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