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Originally Posted by ETpilot View Post

Which model are you looking at how high off the ground and what distance to broadcast antenna. Iím still getting Directv but it goes offline when weather is in the area. I need local TV to keep track of local severe weather or during a power outage. I made my own antenna which worked fine for local channels. I need to reach out about 65 miles. I had it up about 25-30 feet to clear a tree. Tree is gone now so maybe I can work with a lower height. I have to repair the antenna as it crashed down when I was trying to lower it. Looking at maybe trying a factory made Antenna. Iím still going to work with my homemade to see how it works at a lower height. In the mean time it is Directv only.

This is the one we got, https://www.amazon.com/Winegard-HD82.../dp/B001DFS4BI

I haven't decided yet if I want to mount it on the top of our 3 section tower, which is somewhere around 30' I think, at least I think each section is 10', or put it where the original one is located on our chimney. We used to have a beat up old Wineguard on the house when we first moved in, so replaced it with the one that can be obtained anywhere, a cheap RCA. Don't do it. The beat up old Wineguard with missing elements had better reception. I think I will just put it where the existing one is for now, and move it later if I need to, but when first put up I was seeing stations from Rockford, IA, IN and WI. I have to find the control for the rotator first so I can snychronize it before installing the new one.
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