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Have you ever noticed that there seems to be two types of modeller?
  1. Those who finish their models in the colours of the prototype or in the same colours as the model depicted on the box-lid.
  2. Those who always finish their models in a different colour scheme to those of the original model.
Take the Big Guff that I am building as an example. This was one of the first model aircraft speciffically designed for radio control which first flew in the late 1930s. The model was designed by Walter Good and his twin brother William Good designed the radio. It's a large model with an 8 foot (2.4 metre) wingspan. The Good brothers finished their model in orange overall . Presumably they covered it in heavyweight tissue or silk then painted it with coloured dope.Big Guff's are fairly rare. I've only seen two in the balsa and one of these was finished in orange, the other was Peter Russell's finished in black and yellow tissue. Click image for larger version

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However, I've watched the progress of two other builds on line and they were both finished in orange, and there's at least another one in a museum somewhere in the USA, Muncie perhaps, which is also finished in orange,so that's four out of five. Here's one of them.

Click image for larger version

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But it's not just Big Guffs. Most of the Kwik Flis, and other Phil Kraft models, that I've ever seen, were finished in the orange and black of Phil's original and most of the Goldberg Falcons in red, white and black.

I once had a friend, dead now these fifteen years, who always finished his models in the same colours as the box art. There's nothing wrong with this but I suppose I must belong to the awkward squad as I've always finished my models in different colours.

As an example, when I suggested that I was going to cover the fuselage of my Big Guff in Dark Green/ Olive Drab Solartex simply because that was what I had got surplus to requirements, it provoked a critical response on an American forum.I found out yesterday that I had rather more orange Solartex in stock than I thought and briefly it crossed my mind that by ordering a couple of more rolls, my Big Guff could look the same as everybody elses but I'm blowed if I'm shelling out 12 a metre plus postage for orange Solartex. Olive drab it is! The orange is ear marked for my Senior Telemaster.

It's just a thought.
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