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Lightbulb RC software ideas - giving back

Hello everybody!

I've been a (lurking) member of the RC community for quite a few years now.

Thanks to all the experiences shared on the forums I'm enjoying my cars to the fullest (Maverick Strada TC brushless, Traxxas Rustler VXL and Arrma Typhon 6s).
I realize how valuable sharing knowledge is and would love to make it easier to make an informed purchase decision.
With my background in Software Engineering I'm sure there's a way to make this happen!

Currently I'm thinking of creating a crowdsourced comparison website that dives deeper than just specs.
What are weak points of the RC model? Are there hopups/customizations that have proven to be beneficial? What are some common gotchas with the model?
These are questions I'd like to answer.

I'm sure you all have an opinion or ideas about this which I'd love to hear!
Do you think this has a future? Would you yourself be interested in using the site?
Other ideas for specific software are, of course, also greatly appreciated.I'm looking forward to your thoughts/suggestions.

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