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I hope Yr cockpit tubs will fit, I see the components on the radio tray sticking up quite high.
When I did a complete reinstall a few Years ago I moved all the "service" points to the engine bay. That is, refueling, radio switch and air pressure.
Just for charging I need to remove the cockpit hood and the tubs.
I did not like to glue the back tub to the cockpit hood. I left the flanges on the tubs, and when installing them they slip UNDER the cockpit flanges of the fuse. I also glued a balsa block on the underside of the back tub so that the tub is pressed upwards against the fuse's cockpit flanges.
Then I tape them fixed with a few strips of black duct tape, hardly noticeable.
But again, I rate the cockpit design as awful. Fitting the front instrument panel was a disaster, as it needs to be removable to be able to work in the front of the fuse. I had to use Velcro to get it done and even removed some parts of the front tub so I could slide it under the instrument panel..
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