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This next portion of the build some of you may find particularly interesting, I know Bob will... So maybe I need to back-up and explain... a few months ago Bob had approached me and asked if I would be interested in partnering with him on a Bonanza build. He explained that it was important to him that this project duplicate a F33A Beechcraft Bonanza that he had once owned and flew. I was in 100% but on one condition, that we build this plane to enter in various shows and competitions. When I mentioned that to him his eyes lit up and I could see he was excited about the was I.

Trying to keep this plane as scale as I could, I wanted to have the external aileron linkages disappear. I researched how this could be accomplished and settled on the Rotary Drive System (RDS). This is by no means new technology, as this method of moving control surfaces has been around quite a while and has been used a lot by slope soaring enthusiasts. This is however something new for me, and if I don't get this to work...well let's not go down that road!

The process starts with four rough cut pieces of plastic laminate. Bob donated the laminate for this project. They will become the top and bottom of the RDS pocket.

Each of the four pieces were cut to their exact sizes (3/4" x 2").

The stainless steel drive shaft was measured using a dial caliper. These drive shafts were custom made just for this project...

Note the dimension on the caliper.121".

I'm using 1/8" 5 ply birch plywood which measures .122". I'll use the plywood as spacers between the top and bottom laminate giving me .001" clearance between the drive shaft and the inside of the pocket.

The plywood has been cut to size.

Before I mix the epoxy, note that I scuffed the surfaces of the plastic laminate that will contact the plywood. This will give better adhesion between the ply and laminate once the epoxy is spread.

Epoxy was mixed and the pockets have been clamped. Time to wait for the epoxy to dry...

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