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Huge milestone reached today... With the ailerons competed, it was time to cut and bend the drive shaft to see if this RDS really works. The drive shaft shown in these photos is not the actual shaft that I will be using. This is a damaged shaft that I am using as a prototype to see how to get the right bend and length before I proceed bending the good drive shafts.

Once bent and inserted into the aileron pocket, I hand rotated the servo coupler to see if the aileron deflected as I had anticipated. It did, it works! With more throw than I need and absolutely no slop in the aileron. In fact, the traditional method of aileron actuation using a pushrod, has more slop than the RDS! I did take a short video of the ceremonial event.

Drive shaft is inserted through the access hole made in the TE of wing and coupled to servo. I need to fully seat the drive shaft to get an accurate measurement of where the bend will start.

I used a piece of tape to mark where to start the bend.

Clamped in a vise, I bent the end of the drive shaft (which is called the "wiper") at 45 degrees.

The completed drive shaft.

It is critical the bend starts exactly at the hinge line for the RDS to work correctly. Remember, I made the bracket that holds the servo adjustable. It can move forward/backward and even pivot, I can fine tune its operation once final assembled.

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