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Yeah, on the m60 i broke a shock mount too. Both repaired and stronger than before but you cant beat it up like a tamiya, ie i wont be jumping anything with it like I did with my Tamiya ez8 as seen in a photo Fastanks posted on the photogallery.
Its a great running tank and performs really well on our huge field over all terrain. I, not shy of driving it, just not going rock climbing or airborne lol. I do have alot of money in it the tamy abrams tracks hurt alot.... dklm did drop the price shortly after i bought mine.
The cheiflen looks really cool and i considered it for a minute but lack of any spares hurts, and Im a buildler not a buyer really.... i bought a static merkava to challenge my skills next year. Plus i counted like 7 sherman on my shelf that are started or half built lol.

Please post a bunch when you guys get your tanks. Its an exciting time to be in this hobbby with these small timers putting out great models.
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