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Originally Posted by fliers1 View Post
Hopefully other industry members will finally see the forest for the trees and take advantage of their own financial resources to help the cause. The fixed wing portion of the industry has lost millions as a result of quads and foamy S.A.F.E technology. Maybe the Hobby Town franchise will be next to come up with a hands-on promotion plan. There were so many industry members who went under, but the building of wood airplane kits kept many related industry members in business. Could be the start of something big.
With at least one local Hobby Town , the precedent for this had already been set around 50 years ago . Back in the 1970s there was a control line club operating in Braintree Ma. named "The Flying Goombas" which flew on the grounds of Braintree High School (Goomba being the Italian word for friend , the club's founders were of course of Italian heritage) . The local Hobby Town which was located in Braintree's "South Shore Plaza" right down the street from the school , sponsored the club , donating a whole bunch of products for contest prizes each year and giving a 5% discount on all purchases by club members . Time passed , control line all but effectively died (I think the club ended before the 1970s did) , and the Hobby Town eventually relocated to Quincy with it's focus being model trains & plastic Revell models before going out of business itself sometime in the 1990s .

One year I won a nice trophy and a Jetco Shark 35 kit as the first place winner in the "Balloon Bust" event , God Bless Hobby Town ....

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