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Originally Posted by Fsttanks View Post

You will be fairly pleasantly surprised just how good the Heng Long 6.0 system that is being used in the Chieftain is. I was and still am. My T72 has the new 6.0 and it is a better overall handling tank then my Tamiya Abrams or M4 MFUs. The 6.0 is proving very user add on friendly and can be tweaked here and there to achieve different functions that are built in but not all utilized.
Just a quick heads up for you guys the Haya ltd Chieftain is not made or designed by HL nor does it use the HL 6.0 electronics, it uses a control system made to Haya ltd’s own specifications. These include ports for 2 standard servos, 4 interchangeable sound files, switchable lighting and some other features. One of these Chieftains has recently been made available to a club I belong to, the RCTR 1/16th scale tank club in the U.K. for review.
If your interested I will post up the review done by my fellow hobbyists. We have no financial, sales or other interests in this model other than from a hobby point of view, so if you want an unbiased review from a hobby perspective I will post it here once done.
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