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Originally Posted by Fsttanks View Post
They can say it not Heng Long all day but the fact it is using a Heng Long MFU a TK 6.3 system which has the same features as the 6.0/1 plus a few more. It also uses the Heng Long IR receiver, motors, gearboxes, smoke system, 360 turret rotation wire collar, recoil system and new HL radio transmitter that is due to come with the 6.1 tanks. Oh and that manufacturing plant sure resembles one seen in a few Heng Long videos. People are not blind, especially when things I am pointing out can be clearly seen in the videos THEY posted on the product page for the tank.

There are few photos, videos or any real information for a reason. The more that is shown the more it becomes clear who is manufacturing the tank and they know quite well more then a few folks would balk at the nearly $500-$600 price tag if they admitted to who was building the tank for them. If there are some tanks out there then post up some photos of the inside workings and bottom of the hull. Heng Long would have molded their company logo into the plastic just like they do with all their plastic hulls even the ones made for Taigen/Torro have the HL logo. If its not Heng Long then there would be another companies logo. Simple request, but I doubt we will see it before the mass release. But feel free to prove me wrong in my statements and observations, I would gladly admit to being wrong in them.

All said I am excited for this tank I have one on order, but I am not fooling myself as to who is building it. After all HAYA is the largest importer of Heng Long tanks in the UK, it is owned by people of Chinese heritage with a close working relationship with Heng Long. There is an old saying "If it quacks, walks, swims like a duck it is most likely a DUCK". Same goes for this new tank.
I believe haha has a cousin in Henglong and itís definitely manufactured by henglong!
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