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I've opted to flush the door. The plans call for the door to overlap the fuse by about 1/16" all the way around. Unfortunately, the fuse cut-out and the door itself were not cut accurately at the factory and some of the clearances were less than a 64th". Also, it wouldn't look good or be very aerodynamic. It came out pretty good but not perfect. Still, it's an improvement over the kit spec. I haven't hinged it yet and I'm still making small adjustments so I'll post pics when it's finalized.The Tail-wheel assembly I thought I had fixed developed a new problem..,....the cable tension from the pull-pull caused the (cheap) housing to deform and the cables became slack. I went to a hard pushrod on one side and it seems to have solved the problem.

Everybody crashes and here's my last one..A 28% Pilot Decathlon that I dumb thumbed in. I was over-do.

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