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You know, I like to build. I don't mind if something complex needs to be assembled and fitted. It's satisfying when you get it right. What bothers me is when I have to correct glaring mistakes on the part of the supplier. Especially when it's supposed to be from the premier supplier at a premium price. Here's the latest: The Wheel Pants Don't Fit The Landing Gear!! I'm going to have to cut the axles and use a different method to secure them or have a machine shop make me an entirely new set. If you've read through Richards manual, you'll see that the pants are not permanently joined at the rear so they can be removed when necessary. Well, they changed the axles on the gear and the back of the pants won't close by nearly an inch. I've been stopped dead in my tracks until I get this solved. #@$%&+!. Like I said.....Every step on this thing is AN ADVENTURE!

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