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Default RE: GWS Pico Stick FD

I don't know about the Multiplex. but I fly a GWS Slow Stik and a friend flies the Pico Stik. I have flown his Pico Stik and it flies very much like the Slow Stik, except the Pico being smaller cannot endure very much wind at all and it buffets a little more. I think the biggest differnces between the pico and the slow is that the former would be more ideal on very calm days and close in flying or indoors, where the latter can be flown further away from you because of its size without losing orientation, and endures a pretty good amount of wind (believe me, I have tested that) ;-) So your question is would it be as good? I think that depends on your flying space, but yeah, the pico flies just as easily as the slow stik with maybe the edge going to the slow stik a little in the stall recovery class because of its power and manueverability. I have put my slow stik through some pretty harrowing paces, some intentional, some not so intentional! ;-)

Happy landings.

Bill B.
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