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Default OFNA Titan Twin Vs. CEN Genesis


Well it seems the Genesis is still shrouded in mystery and so I thought to post this question and see what others out there have to say. The OFNA Titan Twin is 22 inches long and runs with two .26 motors, I guess you could say this adds up to something like a .52 single engine. It sells for between $720-$900 and is limited in production. Now, the CEN Genesis has a .46 engine, is 21 inches long and is expected to sell for between $500-$600. Given these variables it would seem that the OFNA Titan Twin is the Bigger, Badder and Meaner truck, would all of you out there agree with me on this or is there something I am missing here? Your input would be appreciated especially if you feel the oppsite is true or there is a contender out there that I am not aware of that beats these two. Thanks
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