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Default RE: OFNA Titan Twin Vs. CEN Genesis

I think the Genensis would be a better truck. Plus the price is supposed to be 400-500. Plus having two engines doesn't always make anything better. what if one engine is running a bit slower than the other? then both engines end up working the same, so over all you lose power. plus if they are both spinning you won't get any more speed than one engine, you just get more torque. So, it will pull like all hell when you start moving, but you won't have much more top speed than a single. You also have to look in to the overall power and torque of the .46. what it makes overall is going to determine its performance. then you have weight. that will affect everything on both trucks, does that one .46 weight less than the two .26's? My MT2 has a power to weight ratio of 5.9 - 1. Thats better than the new Ford GT which is 7.5 to 1. Plus where did you hear that it was only 21 inches long? from my guestimates from the photo on cens web site, it should be between 23 and 26 inches overall length. but then again, length means weight. Then you have the three speed with reverse, four wheel steering, notable tech support and customer service that comes with the Genesis. You also have to look at the difference in frames between the two. The titan has a single deck that has no bracing to prevent flex. This will cause undue stress on motor mounts and drive train. The Genesis uses a frame similar to the savage that is very tough and not very prone to flex. this can be bad in a hard landing as you could damage the frame, but this is rather unlikely under most circumstances. Anyway thats just my two cents.
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