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Default RE: OFNA Titan Twin Vs. CEN Genesis

I dont really see how you can compare two trucks, when one isnt even out yet, but i guess we can entertain ourselves for a while in this thread. I like Ofna vehicles, but nobody ever really picks them up and does aftermarket. You can sit back all you want and say you dont need new parts, or the truck is good already, but you know if they DID have aftermarket you would be bragging and using it as a selling point with other people. Ofnas twin titan is pretty cool, but i dont exactly see it ever being in HIGH demand. For a bashing truck i bet it would be fun though. Now CEN has a pretty big challenge ahead of them. They have to not only build a GREAT product, but deliver it at an unbeatable price. I like that CEN is using ONE big motor. I also like the option of 4 wheel steering. Although i feel it will be a weak spot with such a high torque motor, i cant deny how cool it would be to drive such a beast at the construction sites. We will really have to wait and see. I dont think anybody could say that one is better than the other at this point.

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