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Default RE: GWS Pico Stick FD

I probably should have weighed in a little stronger in my previous post about which plane to fly, but I wouldn't trade my Slow Stik for 2 Pico's if that helps clarify things. ;-) Also I agree with the post concerning the Pico Stik wing just giving way. It doesn't seem to be nearly as sturdy but the Pico is 2 wings, and the Slow Stik is one wing just brought together by a fold a the dihedral. I also agree with the post about the batteries. If you really want to have some fun and push the plane a little, an 8 cell 1200mah NiMH battery is the ticket. Be warned though that the extra voltage might shorten the life of your motor because these are rated for 6 volts, and you are kicking them with 9.6... but man, I can prop hang, do mid air turns, fly inverted, you name it with the extra power on board. So I just have bought a couple new motors sooner than most other people. I like to think I have had more fun! ;-) Also I have recently switched over almost exclusively to the 2 cell Li-Po batteries. I can fly now for 30 to 45 minutes (depending on how much wind I have to fight or the stunts I try to pull) on one battery. I bought 3 of the Li-Po's so I can fly ALL afternoon without having to recharge batteries in the field! BUT, since it takes so long to recharge a Li-Po (mine are 7.2v 1200mah and it takes 3 hours at a 1C charge, and about the same at a 2C charge), I need the extra batteries or I would be falling back to the NiMH batteries. Should I get to feeling the need for the extra boost, I still drag out the 8 cell 1200 NiMH batteries. Last point and I'll shutup... the Li-Po's being so light change the CG of the plane. I have to mount my Li-Po's way forward of the landing gear (I just strap them on with a rubber band) just to get the CG back to right. No problem really but if you don't want it to be tail heavy if you DO go Li-Po, then this is something to be aware of. If you have broadband and want to check out some of our flying fun videos, you can visit our lektrik flyer webiste [link=]Lektrik Flyers[/link].

Happy landing.

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