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Default RE: Cox R/C Aircraft Collection

Another one you could add to the list would be the electric Cox Canario (AKA, Nitto Kitty). For those who don't know what it looks like, it was a small, cub yellow electric motor glider with a geared pusher 280 mounted in a plastic red pod above the wing. I had one of these new when I was a kid back in 1987, and it flew like crap with heavy Airtronics R/C gear and seperate reciever battery. This summer, I purchased a NIB Canario on Ebay, and built it with the newest featherweight FMA radio gear. I abandoned the stock metal control rods for elevator and rudder in favor of a Dubro park flyer pull-pull system, and went with a 7.2 NiMh battery from the Horizon Firebird XL for the onboard battery. The original had a 6V NiCad and a big heavy switch harness for the motor. No motor control like with the ESC I installed. The extra power burned up the original Mabuchi 280 motor, so I purchased a 280 for the hummingbird helicopter which bolted directly into the power pod. In addition, I chucked the heavy rubber model type prop for a GWS prop of similar size. This shed tremendous amounts of weight off the original. It flys MUCH better than than the one I had in 87; the rate of climb is truly remarkable compared to what I remember about the first one. Next step- ailerons and LiPoly battery. Technology is great!
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