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Default RE: Half-A Profile Funfly

Thanks CP I'm glad you are having fun with yours.

Glad to hear you got the weight down and it responded like you thought it would. Keep me posted on how the dual aileron servo goes. I really wanted to do that myself, but my limited supply of micros would not let me on this one... I am very interested how this thing will do with flaperons on.

I flew mine for alot today. No one was at the club field for a couple of hours, so I got pretty crazy with it....[sm=spinnyeyes.gif] Some other maneuvers it does (that I can repeatedly do, not just do it one time lucky) are-- Flatspins into landing, inverted to upright (repeatedly) elevators, and it will actually elevator into landing quite easily.

Also, with the fat wing and the low wing loading, I had a lot of fun climbing to high altitude, killing the engine and seeing how many maneuvers I could do before landing. I could do a really cool looking deadstick blender, then drop the nose and roll quickly and finish by landing at my feet....
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