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Default RE: OFNA Titan Twin Vs. CEN Genesis

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I almost purchased an OFNA Titan Twin but after much introspection and research I cancelled that order and elected to wait for the Genesis. As it stands based on information I acquired today; it is expected that the first 500 trucks will be in their owners hands in late February (For those smart enough to have pre-ordered anyway) Though much remains unknown I based my decision on my working experience of CEN products, these guys have consistantly put to market products that just put others to shame from a quality stand point. A good way to think of CEN is they figured out a way to double the quality and features and get it to market at half the price of the competition. Rare but it happens, anyone familiar with their CT-4S platform can vouch for this. That's my two cents.
I have to agree the ofna is overkill unless your crawling up on 75 degree angles it's overkill,plus you could probably do the same thing with genesis at half the cost.Thats my two cents.
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