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Default RE: OFNA Titan Twin Vs. CEN Genesis

I am in complete agrement with Dan. There is no purpose to have twin engines in your truck unless you want to have serious braging rights. Even a 46. engine is way to much power. You will never need that amout of power, even .12 2-stroke engines pack enough power than any of us know what to do with. If you ask me, dual engines equals twice the hastel because if one engine is not in tune, it will bring the other one down to its leve. The Titan will maby top out at most 50 mph but with the Genesis 3 speed tranny and singal 46. engine it will also max about 55-60 mph. The speed is quite the same but the power to weight ratio is much different. Suposedly the Gen has exelent power to weight ratio which makes even the MT-2 look bad. The Titan on the other hand may have alot of torq but you have to consider that it has dual engines and a bigger chassy with bigger componets which make the power to rate ratio suck. Tuning the Titan will also be a pain in the keayster because you have two of everything to tune. You need to make sure that each setting on one side is the same on the other. The genesis has 4 wheel steering as well which add increable handleing. Though most people would think it would filp with that amount of traction but I won't because of the weight. There is a major down side to haveing 4 wheel steering though and that is batteries. You will need atleast 8-12 batteries for the truck it's slef and 8-12 batteries for the remote. Cleaning the Titan will also be a major down side because there is no free space on the chassi so if dirt or fuel gets in between the many but small spaces the only way to clean it up would be to pull some componants out. The gen has plenty of room for extra components and that add to easy cleaning it also has many holes in the chassi. When I say holes, you probably think that it weakens the chassi, but it doesn't i't actully strenthens the chassi because of where the holes are located not only do the serve that pupose but if you spill fuel, it will drain through unlike the Titans chassi it will just stay at the bottom. The Gens engine is also not a plane engine ploped onto a Monster truck, i't is a speacily desinged engine made for on/off road use.

It consists of

7.7cc displacement
True ABC Construction
Rear Exhaust
Slide Carb.
13 fins Giant Cooling head combined with special designed external engine block ensured efficient cooling
Massive wheelie pulling bottom end Torque combine with massive top end power
Convient Pull Start system (Shaft start available optional)
High Efficient Foam element air filter

Fact from Mecky33 - The titan has a single deck that has no bracing to prevent flex. This will cause undue stress on motor mounts and drive train. The Genesis uses a frame similar to the savage that is very tough and not very prone to flex. this can be bad in a hard landing as you could damage the frame, but this is rather unlikely under most circumstances.

In conclusion, It is hard to tell what is better because the Genesis is not out yet but from what I know and the fact I have gatherd I truly belive the once the Genesis is out on the market it will be an all around better truck. The CEN company may not have the notarity as OFNA but they make some of the most reliable and profound rc products in the world.

Titan Twin - Features Go here and watch the video. [link=]Here[/link]

Double Decker chrome chassis

Super Arms - Wider than the original

22 Inch Chassis (bumper to bumper)

Dual 125cc Fuel Tank

Oil Filled Coil-over Aluminum Shocks

Front And Rear Chassis Braces

New Painted And Trimmed Body

Full Ball Bearing Set

Longer, Thicker Front & Rear CVA'S

Extended Titan Super Arms

Fully Adjustable Suspension

Genesis -

Aerospace grade chassis componenets
Four Wheel Steering System
4 Disk Brake system
Special Engineered .46 Big Block Racing Engine
Racing Tuned Pipe with high flow manifold
Huge 7 1/2 inch Tires
Full Precision Ball Bearings
Special engineered Composit Drivetrain
Ultra "Gliding" Drivetrain
Composit, Light Weight Telescoping Drive Shafts and center shafts
"Dimension X" 10 Coil-Overs System with "REAL" functional Reservoirs
Sealed, 3 fluids filled, low CG, Front, Rear and Center Differentials
Convinent Pull start system
Transmitter Controlled Reverse
3-Speed Automatic Transmission w/ adjustable shifting
Adjustable toe/camber (Front and Rear)
Large 220cc fuel tank
High Impact bumpers (Front and Rear)
Protected Radio Box and Battery case
Adjustable Turnbuckles
Final production specifications may vary from prototype drawing

Chassis and Transmission:
Chassis: Aerospace grade material throughout chassis components
Brake: 4 Disk Brake System
Drive Axles: Special engineered composit, Light Weight Telescoping Drive Shafts and center shafts
Drivetrain: Harden, Ultra "Gliding" Drive System
Transmission: 3 speed forward/reverse
Bearing: Full Precision Ball Bearings
Differential: Sealed, 3 fluids filled, low CG, Front, Rear and Center Differentials
Engine and Accessory
.46 Big Block Rear exhaust engine
Racing Tuned Pipe
High flow manifold
Fuel Tank: 220cc fuel tank
Electric/shaft Starting System (Optional)
Wheel and Tire
High 7 1/2 inch tires
Chrome Spacious Wheels
4 wheel indenpendent suspension
"Dimension X" 10 coil-Overs system (8 harden adjustable Racing Shocks + Front and Rear dual center mounted shocks with reservoirs)
Newly Engineered
CEN Impact C3 radio system with metal gear high torque servos

Front Susppension:
Adjustable Camber
Adjustable Toe
Multiple Shock-mounting positions (including upper and lower suspension arms positions)
Adjustable Shock mounts
Heavy Duty fron Skid Plate
High Torque Servos

Rear Suspension
Adjustable Camber
Adjustable Toe
Multiple Shock-mounting positions (including upper and lower suspension arms positions)
Adjustable Shock mounts
Heavy Duty fron Skid Plate
High Torque Servos

Center Slipper, 2 Speed Trans

Low-profile Radio Tray Box

Dual Force .26 engines

Large wheels W/high-grip tires

Includes New OFNA Shaft Start System

Includes Glow Ignitor & Plug

And Much More
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