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Default RE: Half-A Profile Funfly

I am running a Norvel .061 with a tap in the muffler. Honestly, I don't think you will get the hovering performance from the engine without that tap. The pressure provided helps to keep a strong fuel flow when the airplane is in a nose-up attitude. Without the tap, I don't think the Norvel would draw enough to keep running well (leanout-sag-thunk).

Should be easy to get a muffer with the tap. My LHS's have them in stock, and Norvel has them here for 5.99

Dru, as for covering, I did not shrink my Monokote down that tight. It vibrates like crazy in the air, but it isn't an issue. When I did it, I used my iron on a pretty low setting and worked slowly. This still does not take much time as it is a small airplane.
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