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Default RE: WM .26 Cub Conversion - Am I on track?


Your AXI 2814/12 motor will probably work ok in your 51" Cub. If not, you can always add a few cells or jump to the next size 2820/12 motor.

With your 10x6 prop, you can use 8-10 cells. A lighter cell like the Sanyo 4/5FAUP, 1950mAh, NiMH at [link=]Diversity Model Aircraft[/link] has worked well for me on these size airplanes. This will save almost 6oz over a full sub-C cell like the CP2400 or GP3300.

The Jeti JES 30-3P controller will provide a BEC up to 10 cells for your receiver and servos. This eliminates another 4oz by not needing your Rx. battery pack. It also offers the convenience of not have to re-charge multiple batteries.

Now we are up to a 10oz drop in weight which is over 1/2 pound!

Good luck!
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