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Default RE: Servos - Decisions Decisions

Banks, I like to use Hitec servo's. I fly Futaba radio's. For the jet, either hi torque coreless or digitals. My own suggestion personally would be digitals. The jet is high speed and you will need the precision of coreless or digital. I just think digitals would be better in this application.

In the warbird I would use high torque models. Around 100 inches of torque. For the rudder and the elevator maybe 120 inches of torque.

I do not trust the cheapie servo's. In a trainer or a simple sport plane they will work fine. But your planes deserve better. And especially the jet kit. It definately needs quality servo's. And I would advise a good battery pack. SR makes some real nice packs. A little expensive, but worth the peace of mind. Good luck with both kits.

Mark Shuman
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