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Default RE: May we come and visit???

If you appeared a 4th time, You would be denied rights to operate there. You could complain all you want. Please go tell the local Justice you wish to trespass. Like many Clubs these days and more will as time passes, we OWN THE PLACE, and until one wishes to contribute to paying the taxes and utility bills, well amigo, complaining is all you can do.
Up here in East Texas we brag about our hospitality,,,,,and I guess this is why!!

If an out of town visitor shows up at our field with a AMA card and wants to visit and fly,,,,he's one of us. We have a inclusionary policy, not an exclusionary one. We've never found that policy to be a problem.

Now, if a local shows up repeatedly and doesn't show an interest in helping out with the dues and field jobs, we'd have to have a little talk with him[:@]

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