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Default RE: H9 P-51 Electrification

If I may chime in here, you're concentrating entirely too much on flight time, and not enough on power output. You're definitely on the right track in going with the largest AXi motors, but with the 9.5lb AUW you're expecting, you need enough power to haul it around. Flight times can be extended by throttling back, but if you've only got enough power to cruise at full throttle, you're not going to be able to do the aerobatics.

For a scale warbird, you need to be shooting for 100 Watts per pound because of the heavier wing loading. The 900+ Watt configurations will be more suitable for your P-51, even though you'll have to give up some flight time. 15 minutes AND heavy-metal warbird performance on NiMH, even 3300mAh, is a little much to ask.
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